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If you want to know the real truth about Darren Winters and his stock market and forex training course, you need to read this…

What People Say About His Course

The only people who really know what his course is like are the people who have attended it. Below you’ll find hundreds of original, signed feedback forms from the people who have actually attended his training course this year.

What Rating People Give His Course

97% of ALL attendees rated his training course as very good to outstanding. That’s one of the reasons why it won the award for best financial training course in the UK 2017 (award by the London Investors Show)

Online Trolls, Nutters & Competition

We know there are online trolls, nutters and Darren’s competition who have even paid people to pretend to be his clients to write negative posts. To be honest we find this kind of tactic very unethical. We can only assume this is done through jealousy at Darren’s success.

Is Darren Winters The Real Deal?

Luckily most people are intelligent enough to see through the negative rubbish and realise that Darren Winters IS the real deal and his training course is genuinely outstanding. But don’t just take our word for it, see below for what people who attended have to say.

What percentage of attendees rated Darren Winters investment training course as Excellent to Outstanding?


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Hear what people really have to say about Darren Winters Investment Training Course

  • Course Content 96%
  • Ease Of Understanding 98%
  • Value For Money 100%